Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kershaw Leek

Posted on 1/10/2010 by From the Editors, Blade and Gear

The Kershaw Leek is one of Ken Onions most famous designs. Elegant and light the Leek begs to be called a gentleman's knife. And it may just be that. As far as survival goes, the BladeandGear guys will always tell you that any knife is better than no knife. But in a SHTF scenario do we think the Leek will survive? The best answer is- doubtful. The tip on the Leek looks almost paper thin. Any twist cutting at all might break it clean off. Of course it's a folder too, and there in lies an inherent flaw; mainly the pivot point. There are very few folders that approach the strength of a fixed blade knife and this ain't one of them. The Leek is however an assisted opening knife, which means that it zips it's blade out in a blur of motion with nothing more than a bit of finger pressure. That definitely gives it an edge as far as self defense or as a secondary tactical knife. All in all an excellent knife, but at the end of the world we wouldn't want to bet our lives on it. One more side note before we write the Leek off is that of collectability. The Leek does come in an incredible amount of variations. This is one we just picked up a bit ago-the Damascus Leek, sharp as all get out and amazingly sexy. Kershaw's Damascus is some of the best around. If you're a collector, pick one up, you won't be disappointed. Stay tuned for other knife reviews coming soon, and as always remember-if it doesn't survive you won't.

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